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PM chat with windrider08
looking for:nothing really...
distance:570 km

about windrider08:
I'm an easy going, chivalrous, 100%, red-blooded, American, Southern Gentleman! :)...I like the outdoors, but can curl up for a movie and popcorn...I love animals, esp. dogs, I have a 9yro dachshund...My main interests include shooting, archery, camping(rural), swimming(nakedinmypool)! LOL!,..I have more...I laugh alot, mainly at myself :).I love to give people the opportunity to laugh...I enjoy many things in life, come and let's share these times together! LOL :)
P>S> I'm not perfect by if u want no smoking, no alcohol, crew cut...ya got the wrong man! :)

windrider08's profession:

windrider08's interests:
shooting, archery, scuba, skydiving, windsuit, parasail, anything outdoors.

height:6' 0" (183 cm)
would you date someone under 4'10" tall?yes
body type:average
hair color:black
eyes color:blue
do you still live with your parents?I live in my own house
do you own a car?yes
marital status:divorced
do you have children?all my kids are 18+
would you date someone who has children?yes
do you want children?no
your religion:christian - other
do you like metal (the musical genre)?nah, not really
are you vegan?no
do you drink alcohol?sometimes
do you smoke cigarette?regularly
do you smoke pot?every day
do you take other drugs?no
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